Biosystem Corporation Management USA develops, markets and deploys the well-established and market-leading face recognition and fingerprint recognition technology to global customers. Specifically, since 1995, our experts have been developing face recognition technology that allows industry and governmental customers to prevent identity fraud, secure borders and support physical access control. Around the globe, other companies have developed and continue to create new solutions using our technology a resounding testament to the technical proficiency and customer-friendliness of our products.

We provide our customers with innovative, easy-to-use, flexible and customizable face and fingerprint recognition products. We ensure a straightforward integration and deployment of our software products, mainly through the utilization of open system architecture and unparalleled technical support. Moreover, our best-in-class biometric recognition accuracy, customer response times, and product scalability and reliability, uniquely distinguish our distinctive enterprise and our people. This has undoubtedly strengthened and solidified our already robust technical prowess and worldwide customer satisfaction.

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